Editorial Board


Kristina Höök Kristina Höök KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden khook@kth.se

Information Director

Rob Comber Rob Comber KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden rcomber@kth.se

Associate Editors

Caroline Appert Caroline Appert Université Paris-Sud & CNRS, France appert@lri.fr
Brian P. Bailey Brian P. Bailey University of Illinois, United States bpbailey@illinois.edu
Jeffrey Bardzell Jeffrey Bardzell Indiana University — Bloomington, United States jbardzel@indiana.edu
Shaowen Bardzell Shaowen Bardzell Indiana University, United States selu@indiana.edu
Michel Beaudouin-Lafon Michel Beaudouin-Lafon Université Paris-Sud, France mbl@lri.fr
Hrvoje Benko Hrvoje Benko Microsoft Research, USA benko@microsoft.com
Nadia Berthouze Nadia Berthouze University College London, UK nadia.berthouze@ucl.ac.uk
Barry Brown Barry Brown Stockholm University, Sweden barry@dsv.su.se
Baptiste Caramiaux Baptiste Caramiaux University Pari-Saclay, France baptiste.caramiaux@lri.fr
Matthew Chalmers Matthew Chalmers University of Glasgow, UK matthew.chalmers@glasgow.ac.uk
Ed Chi Ed Chi Microsft Research, USA chi@acm.org
Rob Comber Rob Comber KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden rcomber@kth.se
Andy Cockburn Andy Cockburn University of Canterbury, New Zealand andy@cosc.canterbury.ac.nz
Steve Feiner Steve Feiner Columbia University, USA feiner@cs.columbia.edu
Hans Gellersen Hans Gellersen Lancaster University, UK h.gellersen@lancaster.ac.uk
Darren Gergle Darren Gergle Northwestern University, USA dgergle@northwestern.edu
Yves Guiard Yves Guiard Telecom ParisTech & CNRS, France yves.guiard@telecom-paristech.fr
Francois Guimbretiere Francois Guimbretiere Cornell University, USA francois@cs.cornell.edu
Carl Gutwin Carl Gutwin University of Saskatchewan, Canada gutwin@cs.usask.ca
Gillian Hayes Gillian Hayes University of California, Irvine, United States gillianrh@ics.uci.edu
Marti Hearst Marti Hearst University of California, Berkeley, USA hearst@ischool.berkeley.edu
Roxanne Hiltz Roxanne Hiltz New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA hiltz@njit.edu
Jason Hong Jason Hong Carnegie Mellon University, USA jasonh@cs.cmu.edu
Kasper Hornbæk Kasper Hornbæk University of Copenhagen, Denmark kash@di.ku.dk
Anthony Hornof Anthony Hornof University of Oregon, USA hornof@cs.uoregon.edu
Katherine Isbister Katherine Isbister University of California, USA katherine.isbister@ucsc.edu
Shamsi Iqbal Shamsi Iqbal Microsoft Research, USA shamsi@microsoft.com
Pourang Irani Pourang P. Irani University of Manitoba, Canada irani@cs.umanitoba.ca
Robert J. K. Jacob Robert J. K. Jacob* Tufts University, USA jacob@cs.tufts.edu
Youn-kyung Lim Youn-kyung Lim KAIST, South Korea younlim@kaist.ac.kr
Per Ola Kristensson Per Ola Kristensson University of Cambridge, UK kristensson@acm.org
Regan Mandryk Regan Mandryk University of Saskatchewan, Canada regan@cs.usask.ca
Gloria Mark Gloria Mark University of California, Irvine, USA gmark@uci.edu
Joanna McGrenere Joanna McGrenere University of British Columbia, Canada joanna@cs.ubc.ca
Roderick Murray-Smith Roderick Murray-Smith University of Glasgow, UK Roderick.Murray-Smith@glasgow.ac.uk
Carman Neustaedter Carman Neustaedter Simon Fraser University, Canada carman@sfu.ca
Jeffrey Nichols Jeffrey Nichols Google, Inc., USA jeff@jeffreynichols.com
Marianna Obrist Marianna Obrist University of Sussex, UK m.obrist@sussex.ac.uk
Antti Oulasvirta Antti Oulasvirta Aalto University, Finland antti.oulasvirta@gmail.com
Anne Marie Piper Anne Marie Piper Northwestern University, United States ampiper@northwestern.edu
Paul Resnick Paul Resnick University of Michigan, USA presnick@umich.edu
Scott Robertson Scott Robertson University of Hawaii, USA scott.robertson@hawaii.edu
Yvonne Rogers Yvonne Rogers University College London, UK y.rogers@ucl.ac.uk
Corina Sas Corina Sas Lancaster University, UK corina@comp.lancs.ac.uk
Albrecht Schmidt Albrecht Schmidt Ludwig-Maximilians-Univerität München (LMU Munich), Germany albrecht.schmidt@ifi.lmu.de
Steve Whittaker Steve Whittaker University of California, Santa Cruz, USA swhittak@ucsc.edu
Jacob Wobbrock Jacob Wobbrock University of Washington, USA wobbrock@uw.edu
Koji Yatani Koji Yatani University of Tokyo, Japan koji@iis-lab.org
John Zimmerman John Zimmerman Carnegie Mellon University, USA johnz@cs.cmu.edu

* Robert Jacob will serve as backup Editor-in-Chief in cases where conflicts exist between the Editor-in-Chief and the authors of a submitted paper.


Past Editors

Ken-Hinckley-photo Ken Hinckley 2015-2018
Shumin Zhai Shumin Zhai 2009-2015
John M. Carroll John M. Carroll 2003-2009
Jonathan Grudin Jonathan Grudin 1997-2003
Dan R. Olsen, Jr. Dan R. Olsen, Jr. 1994-1997