Best Paper Awards

Starting in 2016 — that is, with papers published in Volume 23 — TOCHI will recognize our very best work with Best Paper Awards.

As a mark of distinction at an already highly selective journal, the annual ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction Best Paper Award will bring considerable prestige to the authors thus distinguished.

The purpose of the award is to recognize and bring greater attention to the excellence of top papers published in TOCHI. This helps build the careers of our authors as well as the stature and desirability of publication in the TOCHI journal itself.

In addition to giving authors further incentive to submit their best work, this affords carry-over benefits to publicity, downloads, and citations to the journal, thereby enhancing the influence of the award winners as well as the impact factor all of the excellent papers that we publish.

The sole criteria shall be the overall merit of the work, in terms of technical excellence, significance to the research community, impact, clarity of presentation, and scope of the contribution—among many other criteria of outstanding research.

The establishment of the award was approved in December of 2015 by the ACM Publications Board. To see the full details of all procedures governing the annual TOCHI Best Paper award(s), including the purpose of the award, nominations, rules for forming the selection committee, and the selection process itself (including the handling of conflicts-of-interest), see the Editor-in-Chief’s formal proposal, which hereby serves as public documentation of the award [PDF].

We also wish to stress here that any individual can nominate or self-nominate an eligible TOCHI paper for any reason by writing to, by contacting the Editor-in-Chief, or by tweeting to @acmtochi. A brief statement of why the paper should be considered for an award is appreciated but not required. Please do take a moment to nominate impactful TOCHI papers as they come to your attention over the course of the year.


Current and Previous Award Recipients

In the future this section of the page will formally document the award winners, including the name of the award and calendar year, the full names of all authors, the paper title, and a link to the ACM Digital Library authoritative version of the paper.