Our special issue on Re-imagining Participatory Design deadline is coming up very soon (we recommend sending your abstract to the special issue editors by Jan. 5 — see details at the link below.)

In case this opportunity has not yet caught your attention, here’s a little blurb for the special issue:


In recent years it seems Participatory Design has become synonymous with a more neutral form of ‘user-centered’ design, often merely aimed at a sort of token involvement of users in design, but in its deep roots—and hopefully in its re-imagined future to come—Participatory Design empowered intervention upon situations of conflict through developing more democratic processes.

Rather than a sort of corporate memo that has lost its verve by being xerox-copied one time too many in service of bland and generalized “information technology” needs, this Re-imagining encourages a return to Participatory Design’s vibrant roots in giving voice to oft-marginalized and under-represented classes of users.

With this perspective in mind, TOCHI extends an invitation for the community to think boldly about the future of participatory design.

To get involved, check out:


And we hope to see your submission in January 2017.